Our Crazy Story

Every business venture begins with a story, and ours is a little crazy. It all started in the early days of 2006 when our founder, Jay Boyles, took a leap that birthed the legend. He left a stable career to open Crazy Jay's Mattress Outlet, a factory-direct retail mattress store with big dreams of rock-bottom prices for superior quality. Located on Main Street in Cobleskill, New York, everyone thought he was nuts- going retail at the onset of the Great Recession? They told him, "You're crazy, Jay," and the name stuck. Over 10 successful years later, Jay's still kickin' and offering crazy deals to his customers.

We know the retail experience is painful, and we're prepared to do our best to fix it. Born into a legacy rooted in the national Boyles Furniture name, our founder Jay Boyles brings over 40 years of experience in the furniture, retail and mattress industries to the table to provide unparalleled expertise to our customers.  Since Jay opened the humble doors of Crazy Jay's, home of the $199 Bargain Queen set, he has proven over the last decade that he knows the business and knows it well. With just about the lowest prices in New York State, he's ready to save you a boatload and get you counting sheep like it's your job.