We've Got you covered

All sales of Crazy Jay's mattresses are considered final, and all floor models are sold as-is. However, accidents happen, and we want you to know that as our customer, we've got you covered,

Warranties are stated at time of purchase, so if you do not know the length of your warranty, please ask. If you believe your mattress is in a failure state (typically if there is an indent or welt greater than 1.5 inches) please contact the store you purchased from.

Once you let us know about your issue, we will either schedule a time to inspect your mattress in person or ask for photographs of the claim in order to best assist you. If we find that the mattress has failed and that the customer is not at fault, we will replace your mattress ASAP.

Please note that all warranties are void if any of the following conditions are true:

  1. The mattress is stained, damaged, abused, misused or unsanitary except for the structural defect to be remedied.
  2. The law label has been removed.

Please note that if delivery was not paid for at the time of purchase (i.e. you picked up your mattress), we will charge our standard delivery fee in order to provide a warranty replacement, unless pick-up is elected for replacement.